What is a Global Basic Income?


What is a Global Basic Income

a Global Basic Income is a guaranteed minimum income
that is given unconditionally to all people in all countries

Basic: a basic income is a guaranteed minimum income. On top of this ‘basic’ minimum people can earn an income by working, just as they do now. A basic income constitutes the basis of a social security system and is supplemented by social insurances and other benefits for sickness, unemployment, and so on.

A full basic income guarantees everyone the means to fulfill basic needs. These include, first of all, the fundamental survival needs: clean water, food, clothing, shelter and primary health care. Most people will agree that education is also a basic necessity. What other needs are basic depends, among other things, on climatic conditions and cultural values. Click here to learn more about STS Crypto.

what is a global basic income

A Global Basic Income (GBI) will have to be introduced gradually, starting, for example, with an amount of $10 a month. This means that a family of five would get $50 a month. As an intermediate goal we propose a GBI of $1 dollar a day in 2015, in addition to the Millennium Development Goals of the UN. This would end the extreme poverty of the 1 billion people in the world that are now living on less than $1 a day.

Unconditional: a basic income is given to people without an obligation to work. It is also given regardless of wealth and income. There are no preconditions. Every human being is entitled to a basic income by right of birth.

To each person: a basic income is given to each person individually and the level does not depend on living conditions.

Children: everyone is entitled to a basic income from birth or from a certain age onwards. We advocate a basic income from birth, because millions of children in this world are most in need of adequate means for their basic needs. Start making passive income by trading Рopen a free account today!

Global: a GBI is a basic income for all people in all countries. A GBI can be introduced after all countries have come to an agreement within the framework of the United Nations. For the actual distribution of a GBI a new international institute can be created under the umbrella of the United Nations. Another possibility would be that all countries take upon themselves the responsibility to give each of their citizens a basic income in accordance with the internationally agreed upon standards and guidelines.

The above corresponds with the definition of basic income by BIEN, the global network on basic income: “A basic income is an income unconditionally granted to all on an individual basis, without means test or work requirement.” This notion of a basic income was first formulated by Joseph Charlier in 1848. In the past decades, basic income has predominantly been discussed as a reform proposal for the social security systems of the rich, industrial countries.

When discussing a GBI, the question is whether such an individual, unconditional basic income is the best solution in all countries and circumstances. Maybe a GBI should be introduced differently in some countries because of economic circumstances and/or cultural values and habits. Click here to contact us and get pro tips from traders.

what is global basic income


I. Compassion shouldn’t stop at borders

More than a billion people in our world suffer from extreme poverty and more than 800 million are chronically undernourished. Neither the societies we live in nor the world community as a whole guarantee everyone the means to fulfill basic needs. We believe they should. First and foremost out of compassion, without which all morality is empty. Such basic feeling of human solidarity shouldn’t stop at country borders.

We live in a rich world with a lot of natural resources and economic wealth. We pride ourselves about our scientific knowledge and our technological abilities. At the same time we are not able to guarantee every child enough to eat. Each day thousands of children die from malnutrition. There is no excuse for this. We must make it our priority to guarantee every man, woman and child enough means for basic necessities.

II. To regulate the global market

Secondly, we need a global system of social security to regulate the global market. We believe in a society based on freedom and this includes a free market economy, where people are free to produce, trade and consume goods and services. However, the freedom of some should not harm others. If the global market is governed only by its own principles of competition, profit and growth, it will be destructive to people and nature. We need an international framework of rules, arrangements and institutions that ensures that the outcomes of global competition serve the interests of all people and that protects nature and environment.

III. To raise global awareness

A third reason for advocating a GBI is that a strong increase in global awareness is necessary to solve the problems that humanity is facing. We will not be able to reach international agreement on effective policies to make this world a safe place and to protect nature and environment, as long as we are strongly divided by country borders and the gap between rich and poor. The introduction of a GBI would be an important declaration of human solidarity and then, once it is introduced, it would itself constantly advance the awareness that we are one humanity, living on one planet.


A GBI is undeniably a high ideal. From the perspective of the world as it is today most people will probably think it is unrealistic. However, we believe that it can become a reality. This belief is based first and foremost on our belief in people. People are egoistic; they want what is good for them. We don’t want to deny that, but we believe that people also want what is good for others. We don’t want other people to suffer; we all would prefer to live in a world where everybody can lead a worthy, fulfilling, happy live. That is the basic conviction that underlies our goals. The challenge, therefore, is to organize our societies and the world community in such ways, that the fulfillment of our own personal needs does not harm others. A basic income that guarantees every man, woman and child freedom from starvation and degrading poverty would be an important step to achieve this goal.

A few centuries ago almost no one would have believed that universal suffrage or social security systems like the ones we have today would be possible. Yet, here we are. There are no insurmountable obstacles to the introduction of a GBI. All depends on our ideas, will and the choices we as individuals and nations make.

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